New Year, New Look

The new year is almost upon us and so we have decided it’s time to go for a new look.

With WordPress outpacing other CMS systems in popularity (see for instance a trend plotted by Google Trends as to how well WordPress is doing against Drupal and Joomla,) together with the fact that WordPress won Open Source web app of the year at  "The Critters" awards … and because we majourly heart Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress, for defending the GPL (in the drama with Chris Pearson that unfolded in 2010:- see, for instance, and,) we have decided to stay with this CMS (Content Management System) and have created a custom “Spring Onion” theme.

Our theme is based on a couple of GPL-licensed themes such as fusion and ultralight and we have used the Bebas Neue font from Voilà, here it is for your viewing pleasure.

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