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cURL Extension with PHP

Just a quick update to the last post, a client asked us to look at their shopp system (an e-commerce plugin for Word Press.) The web server needed a couple of extensions, namely GD2 and cURL. After re-running the PHP 5.2.14 installer and changing the installation to include these additional extensions the web server could not be re-started as php_curl.dll…


Needed to install latest releases of PHP and MySQL (so we could edit some of the WordPress entries on the local Windows XP box.) At first tried to do it all in one go and downloaded XAMPP but after running into a few problems decided it would be best to install Apache, PHP and MySQL separately, especially as later on…

Quality Time with Postgres

Postgres, the wonderful open source database, used to be so easy to install on Windows. If you do not want, or need, the Microsoft Visual C++ distribution you should still be able to install it. It’s not made easy though… it took me, (a humble developer here at LenSoftware) a lot of time to install the latest 8.4.3 distribution and…