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Haven’t been blogging very much… which I am now realising was not such a great idea. It’s hard to recall what I’ve been doing and all the insights I’ve had. So, in attempting to remedy this situation, I thought I would re-commence blogging by just jotting down some of the online resources I have been using lately to do front-end development. (As much for my own reference as anyone else’s.)


Great guide for forms and responsive layouts

Colour Pickers

Accessible colour palette builder

Gradient builder

"Hand-picked" colour palletes

Useful browser plugins

Axe (for Chrome and Firefox) billed as an “accessibility checker for WCAG 2 and Section 508 accessibility.”


I really like Codrops tutorials and I have used a couple lately to make hamburger menus more interesting like Animating an SVG Menu Icon with Segment and Google Nexus Website Menu


Great article on Hackernoon
A tale of Webpack 4… and a Github repo to get you started

I’ll be adding to this list… so stay tuned.

Image credit: Gal Shir, who is responsible for He also maintains a personal site

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